Season 1 Part 3

So, it’s been just over a week since my last post. I do apologise for this, but I have been unbelievably busy/lazy this week. I’ll let you decide.

I have managed to finish the season and now we can find out whereabouts we came!


We went into the Champions Play-Off with an away leg against Dinamo. A Piccioni brace helped us to a great start considering our really shocking form before. Another win at home against table-toppers, Astra came courtesy of a last, last, last-minute winner from youngster, Matan. We progressed also in the Romanian Cup, Piccioni again in the dying minutes saved our blushes against inferior opposition.march


Busy, busy month which was all televised! We kept our excellent run over Steaua thanks to a resurgant, Iancu and Raducanu getting his first goal after his big-money move. Raducanu was on the scoresheet again against Craiova, but our bogey team scored 2 goals in the last 5 minutes. We’re having a knack of scoring AND conceding goals in the last 10 minutes. Talking of conceding late goals, that’s EXACTLY what we did against Chiajna, Piccioni brace again but they scored in the last-kick of the team to take a point, bastards! Dinamo weren’t having the best of times in the league, a great time to play them then, Chitu with a hat-trick topped a wonderful performance.

We were never really in the game against Astra and a consolation from Raducanu was the only glimpse of any positive. We gave ourselves a real chance of getting into the Romanian cup final with an away 2-0 win against Gaz Metan, Mandic, who is eligible to play in cup games, got a brace. F*****g w*****s Craiova f**k me off. Enough said. april


The last month of the season started with now, what seems to be a routine win against Steaua. Raducanu stringing some goals together and Matan got us the points. A Chitu penalty wasn’t enough to secure victory over Chiajna.

A solid home result against Metan means we progress into the Romanian cup final! Two cup finals for Hagi’s boys!

So, its League cup final day. We’re against Dinamo Bucharest, who we trounced in the league. So it’s only proper FM if they do us over good and proper. 2 goals in 2 mins last the first half really mucked us up. A Mazarache (his first goal) strike wasn’t enough and we whimpered to a loss.

HOWEVER! We played CFR Cluj in the Romanian Cup Final (The proper cup) and boy was it a tight affair! Both teams were nervous and we headed into extra time after a pretty uneventful game. In the 104th minute, Benzar receives his marching orders for a bad tackle, his second yellow of the game. My captain has screwed us over in the biggest game of this club’s history. The deadlock is broken. Omrani for Cluj fired them ahead in the 110 minute, my heart was broken.

The fourth official signalled two added minutes to the 120. I go all out attack but nothing is really working. Purece makes a tackle in our own half, he takes a nice touch and suddenly pings a long-ball over the Cluj defence, the Italian Stallion gallops over to the ball, takes one touch, two, three, he’s now in the Cluj box and BANG! He powers a shot at Minca, Cluj’s keeper and it’s even too powerful for him. The ball rustles the net and we are level!! Unbelievable stuff! The ref blows his whistle and we go to penalties!

Gabby Iancu is up first, his wonderful left foot blasts us ahead in the shootout! Larie steps up for the enemy. Strikes it hard, BUT, Buzbuchi is level to it and makes the save! The man of the moment, Piccioni is up next. AND HE BURIES IT. Gah, I love him! Omrani assures himself and absolutely buries the ball in the net, no chance for Buzbuchi. Purece blasts his penalty in the net! Neagu steps up for Cluj.. and MISSES! 3-1 On pens as it stands.

So up steps Serban, to win us the Cup final for the first time in history, he doesn’t look confident and the penalty showed that, Minca makes an easy save, balls. Nascimento has to score to keep Cluj in the game. He strikes it hard but Buzbuchi saves! FC VIITORUL WIN THE ROMANIAN CUP ON PENALTIES! may

A truly surreal end to the season. I forgot to mention that we finished 3rd in the league, 7 points off of winners, Astra. This also means that we qualify for the Europa League, great achievement!

All-in-all, we’ve had a great season, well beyond expectations. Can we continue this great form into the new season? You’ll have to join me next time.

Apologies for not getting this out sooner, but my head has been turned by a new save with Palermo. I was thinking of blogging this in a 3rd person style, please let me know what you think as I really like the idea of a 3rd person FM save, as they’re not as common as the style that I write in now.

Please let me know your thoughts. You can get me on twitter at @wonder_treq.

Til next time.




Season 1 Part 2

So when I last left you, I was sitting in 4th after 20 games. The gap to 7th was quite close so I really had to push for the last 6 games. Unfortunately, the window came around and teams were sniffing around my finest players. I’ll detail who was sold and who was bought in (Not gonna lie, I went a bit crazy). It’s weird how the Romanian Winter transfer window works. It takes place from Mid-Jan to Mid-Feb. In the middle of the window the registration for the league closes. So if I buy players after the registration, they cannot play in the league (I ended up doing this 4 times, silly me). So let’s look at the players sold.


nedelcusaleEasily one of my best players for the first 20 games, Dragos Nedelcu. Inter came in for peanuts which I politely told them to do one. This upset Dragos, obviously. I managed to persuade him that we would qualify for Europe this year and he was happy to stay. End of story? PFFT! Inter came in again for a little bit more around £1.7m and I tried to get them to a ridiculous £10m (The reason I did this is because after seeing FM Grasshopper sell his youngster for £50m, I thought I could do the same) I really didn’t want to lose Dragos. Inter came in for £5.75m straight up no clauses and the board took over and accepted.

comansaleA jewel in the Viitorul crown. Forward, Florinel Coman was next under the bidding microscope. Napoli bid peanuts again which I rejected. Coman wasn’t as forgiving as Nedelcu and wanted to leave. I got Napoli up to £3.8m and he was on his way.

casapsaleNow this one really got on my tits. Carlo Casap, the young playmaker was courted by a lot of European giants such as AC Milan, Inter Milan and Porto. Same as Nedelcu I put his price high at £5m. AC came in at £3.8m which I set up to automatically reject. Porto then came in for £1.9m and the board accepted the bid over my head and before you could say “HANG ON!” he was gone. Uber sadface.

So with 3 of my best prospects gone within the matter of days, the board gave me this to play with.


Very dangerous indeed. Let’s see the damage I made.


Leca, Llorente, Vasiljevic and Mandic contracts were expiring in 6 months. I paid the small fee to get them in now. However, the Mandic and Vasiljevic deals took longer to go through thus making them ineligible to play in the league. Suciu was a young Goalkeeper for the future, I won’t bother show you him. Olteanu came in to bolster the Left-Back spot. Amir Jorza has 5 star potential. Juicy. He goes back on loan to Batrana as part of the deal. Vilceanu came in to offer a different option in the final third. Now, BIG money was spent on 20-year old Raducanu. He is a striker that can play a multitude of positions from CM forwards. He has good potential and is really solid now, so I’m excited about what he can do. Ionut Serban came in as Nedelcu’s replacement, big money again but at 21, there’s potential there. Tanase is 19-year old flexible CM. Again, lots of potential I am excited about. Corbu came in after the registration, he is a good RB to provide Benzar with some competition. On to the last man, Mazarache. You’re going to think I’m a right arsehole and for that I don’t blame you. Craiova were hot on our tails in the league and I was really worried they would overtake us and kick us out of the Champions Play-off. So, I went all Sir Alex Ferguson and bought in their best player and top scorer KNOWING that I couldn’t even register him to play. Am I a bastard? Or am I a bastard?!

lecaMihai Leca

llorenteFernando Llorente (NO, not that one)

vasiljevicNikola Vasiljevic

olteanuVlad Olteanu

vilceanuRobert Vilceanu

raducanuBig money signing, Robert Raducanu

mandicStanisa Mandic

serbanYellow card machine, Ionut Serban

mazaracheHome-wrecker, Simon Mazarache.

corbuLaurentiu Corbu.

Now onto the last 6 games, could we make the Champions Play-off!?


A winless month after the winter break is NEVER good. Started off with a home game to Pandurii, we had 9 shots on target but we couldn’t find a break-through. 2 goals in 2 minutes at home meant another point was shared. An absolute demolition job from Dinamo dented our morale, a game where we committed 21 fouls. Chasing shadows. Purece put us one-up at home to Gaz Metan in the first half. We capitulated big-time meaning another home game without a win. Last game of the month was at home again to AFC Astra, the league leaders. I would’ve taken a point, and thank god we managed to get one. They went ahead on 34 minutes, we did reply after half-time through new signing Vilceanu to share the points.february

So we had one game left in which a win was needed. A point would be fine if other results went our way. We were away to Chiajna, somewhat of a bogey team for us. I was not exited! They went ahead after 28 minutes and I was really worried. We did slip out of the Champions Play-off. I couldn’t be having that. We went full on attacking and got an equaliser through Piccioni. We crept back into the play-off places and thank god! That’s where we stayed. Other results thankfully, went our way and we went through by the skin of our teeth!

So we’re through, fantastic. The league divides into two, the top 6 battle for the title. The bottom 8 fight against relegation. The points accumulated, halve. We had 37 so we got 18 points. The joint-leaders, Astra and Steaua had 50 so got 25. A 7 point gap to the title.

Before the game against Chiajna, we played the second semi-final Romanian cup leg against Astra which we drew 0-0. This means that we are through to the final! Viitorul have never won a cup, so that would be a fantastic achievement if we could win it. We will play CFR Cluj, in the final. They’re in the relegation play-off, hopefully we can win!

So join me next time, where we will conclude the season. Can I make up the 7-point gap and win the league in my first season?!?! Can I win my first cup with Viitorul!? Also, we’re still in the league cup. Can we do the Romanian treble!? You’ll have to find out in the next post.

Til next time.


Season 1 Part 1

Hello again! In this post we’re going to finally sink our teeth into some real FM. Before we start, I’d just like to say thanks to the guys over at The Virtual Boot Room Podcast for mentioning this blog and giving a glowing review, be sure to check them out on iTunes. I’ve also had a lot of retweets, likes and favourites again so thanks to anyone who has helped promote my content.

I’ve posted about my ideas for the save and feel it is now time to actually show you whether or not they’re any good! I’m going to split seasons up into 3 parts. Part 1 will outline the Summer transfers and my thinking behind them. It will also include the games which run-up until the winter break (this is 20 games). I’ll break it down month by month to it’s easier to digest. Part 2 will show you any Winter transfers and the thinking behind them. It will also highlight the last 6 games of the season. After these 26 games, the league splits into two. The top 6 battle it out for the title and the bottom 8 battle it out to avoid relegation. So in Part 3, I’ll show you the 10 or 14 games, depending on which group I’ll be in and then give the season a review.

So just to clarify the parts;

  • Part One – Summer Transfer and first 20 games.
  • Part Two – Winter Transfers and last 6 games.
  • Part Three – The group I’m in and the results.

Quite simple, but sometimes, simplicity is best. There maybe ad-hoc posts, tactical analysis of roles or games and maybe a write up of transfer targets. However I’m not going to plans these. These might come along 2-3 times a season or maybe never, most probably the latter! If you want me to talk about something, please let me know and I’ll ramble on! Any excuse to ramble is good for me!

So now I’ve outlined how these posts will be structured, let’s get into the save!


So I was happily running through pre-season and training and setting up tactics when Leicester came in for my best player, Razvan Marin. At this point I hadn’t set up any transfer policies so when they came in I think they started off at 400k which I flatly rejected. However, Marin kicked up a fuss which was fair enough and he was eventually sold for 750k with no clauses, I definitely missed a trick there. Here he is;vc_marin

So that gave me about 300k to mess around with, I only keep around 40% of any transfer fee’s made so I dipped my toes into the market and came up with this guy to lead the line;vc_piccioniGianmarco Piccioni, the Italian hitman joined us from CSM Poli Iasi, a league rival. I picked him up for what I thought was a measly 170k but turned out it was the highest the club had ever paid for a player. No pressure, kid. The attributes highlighted are for the DLF-A role, I was concerned with his OTB but I think he’s solid everywhere else.

The next man was bought in on-loan from another league rival, Dinamo BucharestVC_Tircuveanu.PNGAndrei Tircoveanu was bought in to replace Marin in the squad, although Marin played further forward in the AMC role, I felt we had enough cover there and really needed a stamina machine in the B2B role to link up the left hand side. I would like to bring him in permanently, but his club are asking some ridiculous fee for him.

Now onto the season starting with July, yes that’s right, the season starts in July!!


We opened the season with a home win against Botosani. Piccioni came off the bench to secure victory. We then travelled to Cyprus to take on Limassol. Very disappointing game, we were ahead then they equalized just after half-time. In the 80th minute I pushed and pushed for a goal but got hit on the counter twice. Ouch. A tough away game to Craiova was a score draw after own goals in both ends.july



We have 6 games to navigate in August. We had the return leg for the Europa League. They scored early which gutted us. We got 2 goals but never really looked like scoring a third. A sad, sad exit from the club’s first every foray into the European stage.  A hard fought draw again Tirgu Mures followed, a single goal from Piccioni, again, was enough for a point. We advanced in the Romanian League Cup with a 99th minute goal from Raumdeuter, Chitu.

A dominant performance over 26-time league winners, Steaua was fantastic. Both new boys, Tircoveanu and Piccioni on the scoresheet. We even missed a penalty! Dominant. And back down to earth with a whimper. 1-0 away defeat to FC Voluntari, less said the better. We finished the month with a drawn away at Piccioni’s old team, CSM Poli Iasi.august


Another busy month with 6 more games, which we managed to pull through undefeated! Centre-Back Boli and Tircoveanu ensured we advanced in the cup. This was followed by a crushing victory over ACS Poli, Piccioni (2), Tircoveanu and an own goal got the points. A bore drawn against Cluj was then followed by a high-octane 2-2 against Dinamo Bucharest. Purece and Chitu on the scoresheet. We could’ve won but Chitu missed a pen. Idiot. Another bore drawn against Pandurii followed, I was so happy with that considering we should’ve lost. The last game again Gaz Metan, we cruised to 3-0 and looked so comfortable, it wasn’t until the last 10 minutes when they scored twice that we had to batten down the hatches and managed to sneak away with 3 points.september


A goal fest ensued this month. We scored 13 goals in 4 games but only managed to win one! We deserved to lose against Botosani but managed to grab a point. AFC Astra were running away with the league at this point although we went 1-0 up. They scored 3 goals in as many minutes. I switched to counter and got 2 late goals after Alibec scored, it wasn’t enough. A routine victory against a second tier side ensured we progress in the Romanian cup. That man again, Piccioni with 2 goals. We should’ve beaten Craiova but a sucker-punch from Mazarache denied us all 3 points. october


Another unbeaten month and a very comfortable one, I might add! A brace from Chitu and a solo goal from Coman saw off Chiajna. A rare Iancu double stole the points from Tirgu Mures. Purece and Iancu, again, secured victory against FC Voluntari. A solid away draw against the strong Steaua was a highlight, Piccioni with the goal. An own goal from Tiganasu in the 83rd minute grabbed us another 3 points to end the month a real high! november


AND crashing back down to earth! The worst side in the league toppled our game. Youngster, Ene, who stepped in because of injuries fired in EASILY goal of the season from 25 yards. A draw was on the cards before an 87th min goal punched us in the go-nads!(is this the right terminology?!) Another routine victory in the Cup, Ene at the double to help see off inferior opposition. A great home win over the league leaders put us in the driving seat ahead of the second leg. Astra didn’t even have a shot on target!


This left us looking very rosy in 4th, however the point gap to 7th was very close, 4 I believe. We would have to keep this momentum going to get into the Champions Play-off! The mid-season break came around and I arranged some friendlies. Some big teams were sniffing around my crop of players and boy did they get their noses in and sniff! Some did leave for mega bucks! (For the Romanian League) BUT that is for the next update! So you’ll have to come back and find out.

So that’s it for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading, if you did please like, comment and re-tweet onto your twitter feed. Any help is great!

Til next time!


The Squad

Hello and welcome back. I know what you’re thinking “you said the next update would be a half-seasonally update!” I do apologise, however, I thought it’d be best to introduce you to the main characters of the save (at least for the first season) So in this post, I’ll show you screenshots of the starting XI and any promising players. So I’m sort of compromising! I’m currently in November, so players may have increased or decreased in value. I’ve signed a couple of players so I’ll point that out when it comes around. OK, let’s meet the squad.


vc_buzbuchiMeet Alexandru Buzbuchi. My first-choice GK. He’s still young for a goalkeeper, he’s got a good personality alongside some decent attributes for a standard ‘keeper. But look at that first touch!


vc_ganeaCristian Ganea has been solid for me so far. Also has a great PPM for this role, which is doesn’t dive into tackles. Also has a decent long shot when presented with the opportunity.


vc_benzarRomario Benzar, you wouldn’t believe he was Romanian with that first name! Anywho, he was already instilled as captain when I arrived and I didn’t want to disrupt the harmony. Great crossing which is vital for this role. Gets up and down all day, wonderful!


vc_carpCatalin Carp. He does the sweeping up as a cover. Good TWD alongside good tackling. Wish he had a higher jumping reach as we will expect to succumb to crosses.


vc_tiruBogdan Tiru, great aggression and bravery which is pivotal for the stopper. Also good tackling to intercept. Has the PPM playing simple passes, which is what I want him to do.


vc_nedelcuDragos Nedelcu, probably one of my favourite players of this Viitorul side. He’s only 19 and look at that personality, brilliant! Great TWD. He intercepts unbelievably well. Oh I just love him.


VC_Tircuveanu.PNGNEW SIGNING ALERT! As you can see, on loan from Dinamo Bucharest. Andrei Tircoveanu was bought in because we sold one of our promising midfielders. He has great stamina and natural fitness, which allows him to get and up down with great prowess. Even though his long shots is 9, he has a wicked shot on him!


VC_Casap.PNGCarlo Casap, the youngest player in the side. He has just edged Gabriel Iancu for this role. His Left Only preferred foot means he cuts in pretty much ALL the time, this allows Benzar to work his magic. A very silent partner but still effective in the grand scheme of things.


vc_pureceFlorin Purece, a solid all round midfielder. I wish he didn’t rely on his left foot all the time but still, he is the brain of our attack, involved with everything we do. We just finished a game in where he completed all 154 passes he made, 154! And most were forward. Really great player.


vc_chituAurelian Chitu. Again another who relies on one foot, but his runs are quality. Good PPMs, His position attribute is really poor, however, he doesn’t really show it on the pitch. Although he make good runs, he gets offside more than I’d like. That PPM will be trained into him.


vc_piccioniNEW SIGNING ALERT! Gianmarco Piccioni, the Italian stallion. Bought in for just 170k, now look at his value! He links up with the midfield well and that move into channels PPM is so vital. Solid physical attributes means he can also hold the ball up when needed.

So that’s the starting eleven tied up. However, there are other players I like who do get rotated in every now and then. Let’s take a look.

vc_iancuGabriel Iancu. I was so excited when I saw his name when I took over, but he was muscled out by a 17-year old Casap, for the IF role. He does appear from the bench often, but doesn’t really do much. Still a solid back-up player.

vc_comanFlorinel Coman, 18, Spirited, Moves in the channels. Superb. Rotates with Piccioni and Chitu. Doesn’t start much because Gianmarco’s form. Really excited to see how he turns out a few seasons down the line.

vc_hodorogeaLast but definitely not least. Robert Hodorogea, I absolutely love him. Benzar has been injured a few times and he plays that Wing Back role perfectly, getting up and down all game. He is primarily a CB and is rock solid whenever started. Everyone loves a solid player.

So that’s the leading protagonists in the Viitorul story. Now I’m going to show you the prospects, who might be featuring more predominantly in the future.

vc_matanAlexandru Matan, can operate either as a striker or any of the three roles in-behind. A resolute personality is great, however, I’m a bit worried about his concentration. He has good acceleration alongside solid decision making him a good prospect.

vc_kilyenSzabolcs Kilyen, I like him a lot, I think he could do a job now but I want him to polish off a few attributes first, like marking and heading. Notice he has a good turn of pace which will make him a good covering CB.

vc_gherghiceanuGiani Gherghiceanu, at 16 has good base attributes for a playmaker, first touch, technique, flair. Passing definitely needs work and his determination is horrific, but I’m excited to see how he turns out if he can continue to develop.

I could show you more but I might save them for another post! Look out for the names, Pop, Stoica, Tucaliuc, Oana, Vidrasan and Ene in future posts!

This brings the post to an end. I hope you enjoyed meeting the squad and the future of the team. If you feel I’ve missed something out or want me to blog about another topic. Please don’t hesitate to ask! (Jeez, I feel like I’m at work!)

Til next time!






The Policy

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night (delete as appropriate) Welcome back to my blog. You may have noticed some of my tweets regarding some games. I am well into the season, however, I don’t want to tweet every single game otherwise it renders this blog pretty pointless! That being said, this post is not about the season. I will get there eventually I promise!

What can you expect in this post? Well, a few things actually. I’ve got a 3-pronged attack heading up this post. I’ll go into detail about my Recruitment Policy, Youth Policy and Economic Policy. It’s a good job I named this post “The Policy” no? All these points intertwine so I thought it’d be a good idea to merge them all together in one big post. So, without further ado let’s begin!


Firstly, what does recruitment mean to me? Quite simply, purchasing players. The drive and strive to recruit the right players for a system or team is paramount to success. So how am I going to go about recruiting the right players? Well, I’m going to follow in the footsteps of a recruitment wizard and genius in the footballing world… this man.


Yes the beautiful Scot known as David Moyes. You might be asking why I was drawn to such a handsome young devil and I’ll tell you why.

What really got me hooked was reading his methods in the book “The Nowhere Men” by Michael Calvin, a thoroughly good read for anyone interested in how scouting works in the beautiful game.

Although Michael himself didn’t interview Moyes, for this excerpt, he spoke with Moyes’ head of technical scouting during his time at Everton, James Smith. Smith divulges into the system, Moyes had in place at Everton and revealed that they operated out of an office they called the “Recruitment Room.” No player was authorised to enter and only Moyes’ close personnel were allowed in. Smith briefly touched on an MOT system which every player they scouted had to go through. It is this MOT test that I’m going to use during my time at Viitorul Constanta.

So what check-marks am I going to use to create my MOT test? To start off, before I even touch the BID button, the player must be scouted until full knowledge (which is a handy new feature for this FM) This is how I’m going to line-up my MOT test. These aren’t necessarily in order, it’s just points I’ll check.

  • Personality
  • TWD (Teamwork, Work Rate, Determination)
  • Position specific attributes
  • Star Rating
  • Affordable
  • Injury Proneness
  • Age
  • Impact

So, 8 points. Each point maybe traded off in special circumstances, I’d be amazed if any player who would be willing to come to a mid-table Romanian team, would tick all these boxes.

For example, If I found a player for my Raumdeuter role, if he has the TWD and right position attributes and is not injury prone and is affordable, of course. Then I’d probably try to sign him, I’ve traded off star rating, personality and his age and impact.

I’ll briefly touch over each heading for you, so you can understand my way of thinking.

Personality: It speaks volumes in FM. If you’ve got a player who’s personality is “Slack” is he really going to put the yards in and train hard to make himself and the team better? No. I’ve got 17 personalities I’m looking for out of the 30-odd available. I won’t list them all here, but here’s a few. Model Professional, Spirited, Driven, Leader, Iron Willed and Resolute.

TWD: Pretty self-explanatory, I’m looking for at least 13 in these areas, for this level.

Position Specific Attributes: If you’ve read my post The System. I listed the attributes I’d ideally like for each position. Again, I’m looking for around the 13 mark.

Star Rating: Some people don’t even bother with star ratings. However, these scouts are your only eyes into the game unless you use editors. I’m looking for a Potential star rating of at least, 2 & half stars. If they are older (which I’ll touch on in a bit) then they must have a current rating of 3 stars.

Affordable: I can’t exactly buy a player that I can’t afford. Also, I don’t want to break the bank for a star player which will sabotage my finances.

Injury Proneness: If I buy a player, I want him to play, not be lying on the physio’s table for the season! (See: Andy Carroll)

Age: When I buy a player they must have longevity. There’s a good chance he’ll be re-sold and we need to recoup the money we splashed on him. Therefore, buying players under the age of 25 should retain their value. Any players over this age, must be bought in for minimal fees maybe a loan deal or a Bosman.

Impact: This coincides with age. Impact is how they effect my team NOW. Of course, If i’m signing a 17-year old, do I really expect him to walk into the starting XI? Probably not, However, If I’m signing a 22-25 year old, I’d want them to improve the starting XI as soon as they arrive.

The final part of my recruitment drive and also to steal another one of Moyes’ recruitment methods is to have 3 players lined up for EVERY position. Therefore, my shortlist should have at least 33 players on it. Each time a player is sold, or signs a new deal, he is removed from the list. This ensure’s if we have any nasty surprises in the transfer market, which is likely because of a young, exciting squad. We will have replacements ready and waiting.

This 33-man shortlist might take some time to build-up, remember, the quality of scouts in this league are poor. I’m allowed 7 scouts so I must use them wisely. I have a couple on regions, some scouting countries they have some knowledge about and then a few on Romania. The idea of putting 3-4 scouts in Romania is that I should pick up all decent players in my nation. Hopefully I can uncover the next Romanian Jamie Vardy.


OK, I’m going to clarify what I mean by youth policy as it could be interpreted in many ways. This is how I’m going to handle the youngsters from first birth into my U-19s to the First Team.

So when the first round of newgens come in, they’re normally between the ages of 15 to 17. They’ll spend, ideally two-three years in this stage. They’ll be given training assignments for their role, E.G. ST will be developed as a DLF. AMC will be developed as an AP. Alongside this, they’ll also learn PPMs for that specific role E.G. Centre-Back learning “Plays Simple Passes.” Ideally, he will be also given a different tutor during these 2-3 years to also aide development. However, I’m unsure if you can tutor AND learn PPMs, so this will be decided on a player-by-player basis.

After this stage, the young player should be looking pretty decent, he will be revalued. Can he contribute to the first team? If not, he goes onto another stage which is looking at potential loans, this loan must ensure game-time, otherwise there’s no point. After the first loan, he will again be asked the same question, can he contribute? If not he will go on loan for one more season to improve himself as a footballer. So 2 Loans takes this up to 4-5 years from first birth.

When those two stages are complete, I’ll look into the youth player in detail. Improvements on attributes, personality, he should only be between 19-21 so still very young with another 3-4 years growth, this will be taken into account on my final decision. I will get opinions from various staff to see what they think. Then, if he satisfies those criteria, the question will be asked. CAN HE CONTRIBUTE!? If the answer is no, he will be sold. If the answer is yes, then he’ll be straight into the senior side, given more tutoring and PPMs to refine him.

This is pretty much how I hope my youth players will go. I might sign a couple of youngsters and they will go through the same process to ensure all youth players are instilled with my philosophy of how I want to play.

The idea is, as soon as they can play in the senior side, they won’t look out of place. All the promising youngsters in the U-19 side or the II side, might get a run out every so often during cup games, to see how they handle the pressure and to aide growth.


As before, I’ll explain what this means to me. Economic policy is mainly focusing on selling & buying players and the wage budget.

This is where this post might merge, and if I repeat anything, I do apologise!

Let’s look at buying players first.

Age really affects how I look at bringing players. Re-sale value is vital to being sustainable as a club in the lower levels of football, so as I’ve said during my recruitment part of this post, older players should be bought in for minimal fees as 2-3 years down the line they’re probably over-the-hill and not worth much. Players aged 26-27 or over I’d like to, ideally, bring in on free transfers or loans. Anything under that, I’ll allow myself to spend as they can grow and 2-3 years later, will be in their prime and worth a lot more than I paid.

I won’t bang on too much about buying players as I’ve covered a shed-load in the recruitment policy, so let’s touch on selling players.

Selling players is inevitable for a club of my stature. I need to sell players to keep my financial head above water and free up funding for other things, such as facilities or improving scouting networks. If I’ve recruited right, and my youth policy is spot-on. Potentially any player in my senior squad can rake me in some dough. So how do I value a player? It’s quite simple.

Player Value + Players Total Contract Worth + Potential = Real Value.

This should hopefully make sense, I’ll explain anyway. Players value is what FM say the player is worth. His total contract worth I can only really explain by an example. So, Player A is on £1,000 a week. He has a 4-year contract with the club, therefore, his total contract worth is £208,000 because 1,000 times 52 is 52,000. 52,000 times by 4 gives me 208,000. Great. Potential is going to be an unknown value, if Player A is only 20 and his CA is 3 stars and he has a PA of 5, I’m going to add on some value there. If Player A is 28 and is at full potential, I won’t add a lot on. So let’s put this into one big example, so it all makes sense!

Player A is worth £500,000 according to FM. His contract worth is £200,000. He is only 18 and operating at a CA star rating of 2. My assistant manager believes he will be 5 star in the future, therefore, I’ll add £100,000 for every star he could fill.

So Player A’s worth to me is 500,000 + 200,000 + 300,000. So if a team comes in and bids £1,000,000, I’ll accept it and because of his young age, I’ll add re-sale clauses to ensure I get compensated for my hard-work in making him a star. Sounds fair, no?

For a club of my size, every player has to be up for sale. So even the youngsters who will be put through my regime, could be sold. They will all, however, be valued by this system.

If the club bidding doesn’t want to pay the money I want. I’ll look at instalments amongst other things, because there’s a good chance, if I reject the bid, the player will kick-off which will disrupt team harmony.

So that covers the selling part of this policy. We’re now on the home straight, so if you’ve currently got toothpicks keeping your eyelids open, the pain will be gone soon!

The last part is a short and sweet segment covering my wage system.

I’m currently employing a system used by one of my favourite bloggers, Chris Darwen. I’m sure most of you would have heard of him and his fantastic work over at the highertempopress.

I work to a REAL wage budget. Chris covers this fantastically here, so give that a read and come back for the final part.

Back? Lovely stuff. So as you can see, FM doesn’t produce a good wage budget, and having a bad waging system soon leads to financial troubles. The idea is that wages are an unavoidable outgoing and stadium income is guaranteed. So you just have to make sure that the money coming in from the fans, covers the players wages! I’m currently £3k OVER budget with my team, so I’m currently monitoring it and hoping to reduce the deficit over the next few seasons.

That’s it! I hope I’ve given you some insightful reading or, most probably, reading. Please leave comments and likes. If you really enjoyed this post, why not tweet it!? Any help is appreciated muchly! My next post should be a half-seasonally update, so we can finally sink our teeth into the actual FM world. As I said, it SHOULD be a half-seasonally update. However, my brain might have other ideas and I might want to ramble on about something else!

Til next time!



The System

Hello! Welcome back to my blog, thanks for returning. I want to touch on just a couple of bits before we get stuck in. This blog was mentioned on the wonderful podcast that is, The Deep Lying Podcast. I am an avid listener of the show and always tune in Friday mornings at work. You could imagine my surprise when during the “community section” this blog was given a nod, I almost spat my tea out everywhere! So thanks to them for the kind shout, If you don’t listen to the podcast (which I’m sure if you love FM, you do) then please head over to iTunes amongst other platforms and give them a listen, very insightful stuff.

Another quick brief subject is the FM community. I know I say “thank you” A LOT on this blog but I can’t help myself, I’m just so thankful for how supportive the Football Manager community has been and the people that have read this blog. I’ve had twitter shoutouts and comments and likes and, oh, it’s been so brilliant. I knew the FM community was strong, but the love I’ve been feeling just the past few days has been immense, so just quickly, if you’ve liked, RT’d, shared, commented on any of my stuff. THANK YOU!

Righty ho then, strap yourselves in, and let’s get cracking with this segment! If you saw my little teaser tweet yesterday about the formation I’ll be using then you’ll have an idea of what to expect in this post, if you haven’t, not to worry I’m going to show it here again and go into detail of how each role I’ve selected go together (I hope!) how I hope they’ll function and what attributes and PPM’s I want from each role.


So the formation I’m going to be running looks a little something like this.


Yes, a bog standard 4-2-3-1. YAWN. However, I think this shape offers the best in terms of an attacking threat and hopefully enough cover defensively. As I’ve said in a previous post, I’m not a tactical genius, I’m just going to apply some form of logic and hope it all pulls together (fingers and toes well and truly crossed). I must say at this point, alongside all the attributes I’m about to list for each role, I’m also looking for Work Rate, Teamwork and Determination, this goes for the whole squad, I want a team of fighters! Let’s look at the individual roles, PPM’s, attributes and what I’m expecting the role to play like!


Yes, with the modern advancement of the game, unfortunately FM still forces you to have a Goalkeeper, in this day and age! Only joking of course, I need someone to put his body in front of a speeding bullet of a ball to stop in going in a rectangular frame with a net. This is your bog standard GK, nothing spectacular just someone to saves shots and lay it off. I’m really looking for a goalie with good reflexes, one on ones, communication & command of area. Those are the main ones I’m looking for, someone who can command and save, that’s all I need.


OK, let’s get a bit more tactical, you may notice that my back-line is a right old mixture of roles, but I’m hoping they’ll compliment each other. The reason for the stopper is, I haven’t got anyone occupying the DM strata, therefore, I need someone to step up and make the tackles before the opposition’s attack turn into something more serious. The attributes I’m looking for here are as follows; Anticipation, tackling, positioning, decisions, concentration, bravery and aggression. Quite a handful there, however, this is a wonderful cocktail of a man who has to constantly step out, at the right time, and tackle inch perfect, otherwise the opposition are in and baring down on my goal. The only PPM I’m worried about here is “Plays Short Simple Passes” because once the tackle is made (hopefully) I just want him to lay it off to either the the B2B, the CM-D or the WB-D who should be providing some width.


OK so this role I’m still unsure of. I’m going to keep him as a “cover” because he can sweep up in case the stopper makes an absolute fool of himself. He also provides cover for the marauding WB-A. Where I’m unsure is whether to have him as a Defensive Centre Back (Limited CB on last years FM) or just a normal CB. As a DCB, when he receives the ball, he will put it in row z and eliminate the danger. I don’t really want him passing it to the GK, mainly because the first touch of the GK’s in this league is atrocious. However, I don’t want to concede possession that easily. I think I’ll monitor this over the next few games. Attributes I want here are; Composure, first touch, acceleration, concentration, positioning, decision and heading. PPM’s again, not that fussed with this role.


I know what you’re thinking.. wing back… defend… surely that’s just an oxymoron! Well, quite, yes. However, my thinking here is that the Raumdeuter in front of him is VERY offensive and won’t do much defending, therefore, the whole left side of the pitch is HIS responsibility, maybe a touch of the B2B as well, but mainly his. I’ve chosen WB because I want him higher than the rest of the line because it offers a passing triangle with the B2B, CB-S and the Raumdeuter. I’ve gone for defend because I don’t want him to attack, or cross, or, well, do anything creative. I just want him to defend, first and foremost. Attributes here that I’m looking for are; Passing, decisions, concentration, tackling and marking. PPM’s I want are “Does not dive into tackles” mainly because, I don’t want him compromising the back-line, as he is responsible for the left hand side! I also might add “stay back at all times” onto that list for self-explanatory reasons.


Finally some attacking threat! This guy offers a balance with our back-line, he has the covering CB behind him, so he has licence to get forward, get beyond the Inside Forward (who at this point should be getting inside!!), get to the byline and whip a cross in for the on-rushing midfield or DLF. He will be our most wide player, stretching the defence out, making it perfect for the IF to work his magic. Attrib’s here are; Stamina, Pace, Acceleration, Crossing, Dribbling and Off the ball. PPM’s I want him to have are; Hugs Line, Gets forward whenever possible and runs with ball down the right. All of them are pretty obvious for what I want him to do!


Oh balls, we’re back to defending! I suppose someone has got to do it! In all seriousness, this guy offers the balance to our midfield. I’m tempted to maybe drop him back to the DM strata, just for another line of defence (which in turn will affect the Stopper) but for the moment I’ll leave him at CM. I don’t want him to run after the ball, more like a Carrick role for United. Win the ball, lay it off, rinse and repeat. Attributes required are; Anticipation, Tackling, Positioning, Passing, Decision and Concentration. PPM’s I’d like are; Comes deep to get ball, plays short simple passes and does not dive into tackles,


Everyone LOVES a workhorse, and I’m no different. The one man that gets up and down that field all day, helping defend, supporting attacks, the unsung hero in many ways. This guy will link up with the left hand side, mainly because of the gap between the WB – D  and Raumdeuter. He will also provide an extra shield for the defence and another option for the attacking trident to lay their passes off too, if the defence are hard to break down. Attributes here are; STAMINA! Passing, OTB, Natural Fitness, Decisions, Finishing and AnticipationPPM’s I’d like him to have are; Arrives late in opposition area and Try first time shots.


This is where it’s going to get technical. I want the front 4 to intertwine with one another, playing one-two’s, confusing opponents and causing havoc. The IF also has the added option of the WB-A who will bomb down the right wing at every opportunity. This should open some space for this guy to operate. I want him to create, score and when needed, help out defensively. Attributes he needs are; Vision, Flair, Technique, Passing, OTB, Finishing, First Touch and Dribbling. A lovely little trickster! PPMs I’d like are; Plays One-twos and Moves into channels.


The real creative outlet within the squad. Most attacking moves will involve this little magician, dropping in between the lines and the space that has been vacated by the CM-D to receive the ball and thread the passes that create the goal-scoring opportunities. Main attributes here are; Passing, Vision, Technique, Composure, OTB and Flair. PPMs he needs are; Tries Killer Balls, Moves into channels, Plays one-two and dictates tempo. It’s a lot to ask of, of one player really but he is the main link we have. Anyway, it’s nothing when compared to what I want from this next guy!


We’ve talked about defensive players, but now it’s time to get drunk on the attack! When you Google “Raumdeuter”, Thomas Müller’s loveable German face appears, funny that, since he coined the phrase himself! Directly translated into “Space Investigator” this role is a real pest. A brilliant piece from Uli Hesse in the Guardian defines Müller in his article as “The Modest Assassin” the guy that “can’t beat you with his close ball control. He can’t beat you with his pace. And he can’t beat you with his dribbling skills. He just beats you”

The Raumdeuter is there to acquire the most important commodity in football, space. He causes havoc, running between lines and half-spaces, finding pockets, starting and finishing moves. I’ve never tried this role in FM before, so I’m really excited to be using it in this system. He should link up with the rest of the attack, in different areas on the pitch on his one-man-mission in the search for space. Attributes I want him to have are; First Touch, Anticipation, Vision, OTB, Finishing, Acceleration, Agility and Balance. PPMs as well are; Plays one-twos, moves into channels, plays short simple passes and gets into opposition area. I’m not asking a lot, am I!?


The spearhead of our attack, this man should be able to get involved in the build-up, but he’s mainly there to maximise the most important stat in football, goals. For me, it’s always hard trying to choose a role for the lone striker. There’s a good chance that this role will change, but I’ll keep him as a DLF – Attack for now. The reason I went for DLF in the end was the fact that he could get involved with the intricate passing with the trio behind him to try and twist defences. I put him on the attack command mainly because I don’t want him to drop SO deep, that he cant hurt defences, also, he won’t get in the way of the AP pulling the strings. The DLF description says that he can “fashion chances for himself” which is what I want him to do. Attribute’s I want him to have are; Finishing, OTB, Passing, Composure, Strength and Anticipation. PPM’s I’d like; Plays one-two’s and Moves into channels. I haven’t specified certain finishing PPM’s mainly because I just want him to stick it in the net, no matter how he does it.


We’re almost there! Please hang on! If you’ve made it this far, I’ll award you 5 Hagi points!

OK, so I’ve selected all the roles in the hope they’ll all click together. Now I need to select some team instructions, so they have a common goal when we have the ball. I’ll go through each one I’ve selected and the reasoning for it.

Retain Possession: I want them to retain the ball and not give it away willy (stop laughing!) nilly. We’re committing a lot of men forward and if we lose the ball because of a stupid pass, it leaves us exposed.

Work Ball Into Box: Kinda goes hand-in-hand with the retain possession once, doesn’t it? As I said previously, I want to work the ball into the danger zones (CALL KENNY LOGGINS!) So we have the highest chance percentage to score.

Play Much Wider: I’ve gone for this one to really stretch the opposition, so it creates a lot of vertical space. This, in turn, should help the IF and Raumdeuter work their magic in the half-spaces.

Exploit the Right Flank: This is the last one I’ve selected, I’m not a fan of 100 instructions, tactical familiarity may take too long and by then, I could be out of a job! So, you’re probably asking “why only the right flank?” aren’t you? No? OK, well, I’ll explain anyway. The thinking here is that, because I’m weak on the left side, this should minimise the threat of the opposition counter-attack on this side. It also creates overloads on the right, with the IF cutting in and the WB bombing forward. And finally, because the play will be shifted onto the right, my ghost of a man, the Raumdeuter, can sneakily operate within the horizontal lines created and find pockets of space.

I’ve selected a Rigid and Control system. Control because the way we want to control the ball. Rigid because I want the defence to defend, midfield to support and the attacker to attack. You may be asking “but, but you’ve got the wing back bombing on!” well, correct, I’m hoping by being rigid(stop, I can hear you sniggering) will force him to help out defensively once the ball is lost.

Well that’s it! I’ve finished! Thanks if you’ve come along and had a read, I hope you found it insightful and made you chuckle. Please leave comments, as I said, I’m not master tactician. Do you think I’ve made a serious error?  Have I pulled off a tactical masterstroke (doubtful) ? Am I actually funny? Let me know, I always love reading and having a chat about our favourite game.

Til next time!




The Vision

Hello, me again and if you’ve come back, thanks so much! Thanks to all that shared the first post, I greatly appreciate it.

So, what can you expect in this post? Well, in this segment, I want to cover my “vision” and goals for the save. I always feel like there has to be a purpose for everything, every decision and every action, there should be reasoning behind it.

So I’ve chosen Viitorul, great, but if I don’t have a vision for the save, what’s the point? I believe outlining what you want to achieve in Football Manager, the more attached the save you will get. I tend to go more conservative in my approach to targets, mainly because I’m not really as master tactician and targets normally take longer to achieve until I find the right blend.

So, let’s talk about the “vision.” I’m going to map out what I want to achieve in a ten year timescale. I can then use this as a guide continuously throughout the save and check-back to make sure I’m on course.


In my first season, I’d just like to finish mid-table and start building the blocks of my “philosophy” (such a great word) I’m not fussed about the cups this year as this is purely wanting to lay foundations. Also, I forgot to mention in my first post, Viitorul are in the Europa League!! I know, can you believe it!? I want to take the Europa league with a bit of fun, I’m not expecting anything from it, but as this would be the first time ever, Viitorul are in Europe, I’d like to go as far as I can.

  • Mid-Table Finish


Now I’ve well and truly got my feet under the table, I’d like to have a good backroom set-up and maybe a cup run. I’m going to say safe and say Mid-table again for now. However, I want to finish one or two places higher, you know, natural progression and all that.

  • Mid-Table Finish
  • Cup Run


Now my players are getting used to my way of playing, I want to see some progress on the pitch, top 3-4 would be great and maybe a semi of a cup.

  • Top 3
  • Cup Semi/Final


Still building on last season, Steaua are a great side when compared to the quality of the rest of the division. Dinamo are still a threat as well, we must not forget. Top 3 again and definitely a final of a cup.

  • Top 3
  • Cup Final


Time to start ruffling some Romanian feathers, people need to know we mean business, breaking that top 2 is a must, we must show we can wrestle with the big boys.

  • Top 2
  • Cup Win


If I finish in the top 5, I must add, you qualify for Europe in some capacity, I haven’t mentioned it previously because I’m not expecting anything but now I will, 6 seasons in we must start showing signs of improvement on the Continental scale. If I finish 3rd, its Europa, if I finish 2nd its Champions League. Whatever it is, I want to get through at least 3 rounds.

  • Top 2
  • Group Stage in Europa/Champions League Play-off


Curveball time! I am hoping, during some point in this save, to take over the Romanian National team. Hopefully, if there is a vacancy, I might get it. This is an add-on to the save. Also, now it’s time to start banging some heads together, Steaua must be dethroned. League win is main priority, plus a decent run in the Champions League

  • Champions League Play-Off
  • Take over Tricolorii


You may notice that cup win is vanished, I’d love to win the cup every year, however, the league and Europe will take prominence. I’m going to add a qualification for the national side, again, this is just an add-on, any progress with the national side is great.

  • Win the league
  • Champions League Group Stage
  • Qualify for WC (If managing Romania)


Hopefully by now, most of my squad will be from the Viitorul academy. I want to be the team to beat in Liga I.

  • Win league
  • Champions League Group Stage


The last season I will plan, I now want to be a true Viitorul great, undefeated in the league is the aim, Steaua completely annihilated in every sense of the word. I’m going for the Romanian Quadruple. Progression in Europe would be fantastic and maybe some good with the national team.

  • Undefeated League Season
  • BOTH Cup wins
  • Romanian SuperCup win
  • Get out of Champions League Group
  • Some pride in the Euro’s (if managing)
  • Be immortalised in Viitorul History

Right, so that’s that then! My vision is mapped out and I know FM will try so hard to completely fail me in every aspect!

I haven’t noted facility and stadium upgrades as this post is purely on the pitch expectation.

Thanks again for reading and well done for getting this far, 5 Hagi points awarded to you! Please leave comments, I’d love to hear what you guys think! Am I being to conservative or even being too risky!? Do you guys map out your FM career or use a different strategy? Whatever you think, let me know!